TrustLabs Careers

TrustLabs' mission is to build humanity's most trusted financial nodes.

When capital flows freely between nodes, innovation is sparked, problems are solved, and opportunities rise.

We aim to foster a new financial future. One that is more resilient to central points of failure, fraud, and greed. One that empowers individuals with new levels of access to capital and investment opportunities.

At the end of each day, our vision is to provide you, and every member of our species, with financial security, reliability, and honesty.



The TrustLabs team brings together technical and legal talent from top employers and schools

Open Responsibilities

We believe that the outcomes of a company are largely determined by the quality of each individual team member and the culture of interaction between teammates.

At TrustLabs, we aim to hire only the top 5% of candidates and compensate in the top 5% of market rates.

Each teammate will have significant responsibilities and will be trusted to perform at their highest levels.

Teammate Onboarding

For your first two weeks, your #1 job is to learn.

Onboarding is a co-creative process. You are encouraged and expected to improve the onboarding documents while you go through them. Be opinionated.

Week 1

Day 1: GTD - Get Things Done
Day 2: MGTE - Make Good Things Easy
Day 3: RA - Renaissance Ambition
Day 4: CC - Conscious Collaboration
Day 5: DD - Data-based Decisions

Week 2

Day 1: TT - Trust & Truth
Beyond: Role Specific Information