The most traded regulated cryptocurrency that’s backed by the Australian dollar.
The New Face of Money
How TrueAUD is different.
Easy Redemption
Purchase and receive TrueAUD with one-click.
Purchase and redeem directly from any ERC20 wallet.
Fully Collateralized
You can always redeem 1 TrueAUD for 1 AUD, giving it a stable price.
We've published a code of ethics demonstrating our commitment to always being fully backed, redeemable, stable, and compliant.
Send TrueAUD to anyone, anytime, anywhere, up to 100x cheaper and 1000x faster than a wire transfer.
Real-time proof of funds in an escrowed bank account.
Innovating in the Open
Token Information for TrueAUD
Utilizing Ethereum’s Blockchain
Token Address
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