TrueUSD is a stablecoin that you can
redeem 1-for-1 for US dollars

Raising the Standards

We wanted a simple stablecoin, without the need to trust some company’s hidden bank account or special algorithm. Our legal framework enables you to exchange USD directly with an escrow account – we never touch the funds. Our open source smart contracts ensure a 1:1 parity between TrueUSD and USD in the accounts.

Why Escrow Accounts?

As one of the most widely used legal contracts for asset management, escrow accounts enable regular attestations and complete legal protection for token holders. Read the FAQ to learn more.

A New Standard of Transparency

Stable Currency

TrueUSD is backed by the US dollar, acting as a stable currency for digital exchange

Legal Protection

Anyone who passes a standard KYC/AML check can redeem TrueUSD for USD

1 to 1 Parity

Every TrueUSD is always 100% collateralized by USD, held in professional trust firms’ banks

Trade with Confidence


The bank account holdings are published regularly and subject to monthly professional attestations.

Bank Grade Security

We regularly undergo independent third-party evaluations by leading auditing firms, to ensure best security practices.

Direct Banking

Transact directly with the trust firm's bank. The TrueUSD system never touches the funds.

Who is TrueUSD for?

We are starting with TrueUSD but we anticipate future of TrueEuro, TrueBond and more — all of which can be listed on exchanges around the world and be traded globally.

Financial Services

Enter crypto markets without immediate exposure to BTC or ETH. Receipts and proof of ownership for your TrueUSD tokens


Offer customers a stablecoin they can trust. Use TrueUSD as an alternative to traditional currency purchase methods

Crypto Traders

Hedge against volatility in the crypto market. Move money into crypto without immediate exposure to BTC or ETH


Online purchases, salaries, escrow, and loans are enabled through price stability, enabling the mainstream adoption of digital currencies

How it Works

We work with multiple trust companies that already manage billions of dollars. Pass a KYC/AML check, and send USD to a trust company with an escrow agreement. When they verify your funds, their API instructs our smart contract to issue the equivalent TrueUSD to your public Ethereum address.

To redeem USD, you pass a KYC/AML check, send the smart contract your TrueUSD tokens from a registered Ethereum address, and then the escrow bank will send you funds. This way, the TrueUSD system does not touch the funds, and the trust companies do all purchase and receipt of your money through escrow accounts.


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